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Creative people always seem to connect.

At least that's been my experience.

Today I met a young artist in the most unlikely of local YMCA. He was taking my information in order to set me up on a program to achieve my fitness goals. He noticed the tattoo on my wrist, and that launched us into a conversation about what does it mean? – I don't always tell people, but sometimes, depending upon the person, I do. And that person usually ends up being a fellow creative spirit.

This led us to a discussion about whether or not I am into art – obviously I am, and he showed me some of his drawings on his phone. I never know what to expect when someone wants me to look at their art, but I was pleasantly surprised. His drawings were exceptional portraits, and I was even more astounded to find out that he is completely self-taught.

"Can I ask you a question," he said, "And I need an honest answer...can someone make a living doing something like this?"

Honestly, that is a difficult question. I told him that having the talent and passion has to be combined with a good business sense and a drive to succeed. At least that has been my experience.

Then he told me that he is also interested in the healing arts, such as reiki, massage and art therapy. That little chill went up my arms...another one. Yay! Another person who is interested in healing as art, art as healing. We need more of those.

I told him that I have a friend in Boulder who is an energy healer and that my acupuncturist is also a sufi healer. He said, "How do you know all these people?"

The short answer is, "I just do." The longer answer is that I seem to attract those people, or they attract me. I keep my eyes open, my intuition active and seize the opportunity to talk with someone who is like-minded an open.

Today is rainy and dreary...again. I did not want to get out of bed and go to the gym. In fact, I stayed in bed until the very last minute when something said to me, "Get up! You have to go!" I thought it was to force myself to embark upon a path of better fitness. Now I know it was to meet this young man.

I gave him my contact information so that I can connect him to the people with whom I am connected. That way we are ALL connected.

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