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About the Artist


My art is influenced by dreams, archetypes mysteries and enchantment. Sometimes I read a line of dialogue in a book, or overhear a scrap of conversation that sends me down the rabbit hole of ideas.

Recent Works

Cathy Evans


I graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art with a degree in Graphic Design, and have had my own business for over 30 years. I've also maintained a daily art practice that includes drawing, painting, fiber work and ceramics. Working with my hands is a direct line to my heart, and I return again and again to fill the well of creativity that informs both my job and my life.

I know artists who map out exactly what they are doing from the initial concept through materials and construction, and I am constantly amazed by their processes. I tend to work the opposite way. Materials spark ideas for me. I may find a curved stick that suggests an animal, or fabric that simply must become something. I work in scrap wood, clay – both ceramic and others, found objects and fabric. Often it feels like the work creates itself, like magic flowing through my hands and becoming real. This process makes me well-suite for teaching free-flowing workshops to those who don't consider themselves "artists."

I am always interested in learning new things, from kiln fired ceramic work and eco-printing, to basket making and embroidery techniques. Eventually everything I learn makes it into my art-making practice, whether it is a painting, a quilt, or an art doll. 

The idea of Creative Wellness came from my desire to help everyone unlock that inner artistic child. To find the joy of saying, "I made that!" Today's world is very stressful, and art-making can help relieve some of that stress.

I want to bring this "creative wellness" to everyone that I can. There is nothing more satisfying than watching someone who has told me that they are afraid to try making art, suddenly light up when they pick up paint or pastels and make marks on paper. At the end of a workshop, they always want more and I am happy to oblige!

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